The good, the bad and the ugly of Mass Effect porn
Submitted by acaban

Submitted by acaban

this is there it goes by ~Servala
This is Oni again, to be fair, you can post any of the non-Do Not redistro" pics I've done, lots of which are ME, and you've already done some of them. There's another coming out next week, but no plans to do any Ashley stuff any time soon, for some reason she's just never appealed to me (although she does look better in 3).

Yes, thank you. I’m not accusing you of anything. You have to make money; I understand.

Kasumi by ~Ohoni
fornaxmag curator anon agrees! SO MUCH TERRIBLE ASHLEY PORN none of it is good all of it I've ever seen is terrible and gross and exploitative and makes me queasy. Good artists, we NEED you to draw it! Give us good Ashley love! Miranda too! The thing is, the Mass Effect design team doesn't really seem to respect ladies, and a lot of the porny ME fanart doesn't seem to either. Bums me out. Great art of femshep and liara but the rest has catching up to do.

Yeah, all of this.

There’s some wonderful Mass Effect porn art out there. Unfortunately, most of it is already on this blog, or done by Oni, who personally requested that his work not be featured on this blog.

Part of the problem lies in the majority of Internet porn artists being fairly misogynistic, and in the female artists largely featuring male characters or yaoi pairings.

My reaction to the endless parade of male Shepards doing unspeakable things to female characters can be easily summed up thusly:

Dude you need to get more pictures of Ashley

I agree. 

So much of the stuff with Ash is just downright vile, however. I know I said I’d post the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mass Effect porn, but some of this stuff is really ugly.

I’ve posted a few, though.

Look At My Pets by *Rastifan
Alone Time-ME by ~Tsukahime